Use of Harmonised Data Access

To access Discovery and Data Access Services, users can use their client applications of choice along with provided endpoints. Here is an initial list of options:

  • EODAG, command line tool and Python package for searching and downloading remotely sensed images

  • PyStac, Python library for working with SpatioTemporal Asset Catalogs (STACs)

  • Any REST client pointing to the HDA endpoint

  • Swagger client, available at Swagger UI (lowest level)

Destination Earth Data Lake component enables providing those services in a Harmonized Data Access (HDA) way. It provides a single entry point to DEDL INTERFACES (URLS).

Edge users of Big Data Processing services can use Stack Service in Destination Earth Data Lake Environment

Basically, it provides Jupyter Notebook environment next to DestinE Data Portfolio, allowing use of Python code. You can then write and iterate on your own code for data analysis.

The collection of Jupyter Notebooks examples on how to use the DestinE Data Lake services can be found at Destination Earth on Github.

To learn more about Stack Service please visit: Big Data Processing – Stack Service Chapter.