DestinE Data Policy for DestinE Digital Twin Outputs

The EU is Owner of all DestinE Digital Twin Outputs.

The data policy applicable to DestinE Digital Twin Outputs is defined in the DestinE Contribution Agreements concluded with each of the 3EEs:

DestinE Digital Twin Outputs that is generated from data made available on the basis of a free and open data policy shall be made available to users under the following free and open DestinE Data Policy:

  1. Destination Earth users may, on a free and worldwide basis, reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, adapt, and modify all DestinE Digital Twin Outputs and combine them with other data and information.

  2. The free and open DestinE Data Policy is subject to the following limitations:

    − where the formats, timeliness and dissemination characteristics of and information used to generate the DestinE Digital Twin Outputs have been pre-defined, those shall be respected;

    − the data policies and licensing conditions of data used in the of DestinE Digital Twin Outputs shall be abided by applicable;

    − any security limitations – as may be defined during the DestinE lifetime – applicable to data and information used to DestinE Digital Twin Outputs shall be respected;

    − protection against the risk of disruption of the system producing or available DestinE Digital Twin Outputs shall be ensured.

    − the protection of reliable access governed by the DestinE Access - Guidelines [RD-1] to DestinE Digital Twin Outputs for users shall be ensured.

  3. DestinE Digital Twin Outputs are provided without any express or implied warranty as regards their data quality, data accuracy, and suitability for any purpose.

The following clarifications are made with respect to the limitations in paragraph two of the DestinE Data Policy provision:

− Even if access to and use of the DestinE Digital Twin Outputs is restricted, Metadata should be open for access, except if the Metadata or the existence itself of the DestinE Digital Twin Outputs should be considered as confidential data (on reason of a confidentiality agreement, of an applicable legal rule or a well-established and justified practice)

− It is recalled that, as stated in Annex I of each of the Contribution Agreements, “while will provide data and tools to predict extreme events at the global and regional, it falls within the exclusive competence of Member States’ responsibility to provide in their territory in their essential role of life and property. Member have exclusive responsibility to maintain National Meteorological, and Services under the 1947 UN Convention of the WMO, which have the important mission of supporting national needs, including the of life and property of citizens in the context of high impact meteorological.”

As a matter of principle, DestinE Digital Twin Outputs will be made available under a Creative CC-BY-4.0 licence, unless limitations defined in the DestinE Data Policy require a DestinE Digital Twin Output to be subject to a more (or less) restrictive licence or other licence