The purpose of this chapter is to describe and present the DEDL Discovery and Data Access services provided under the Destination Earth Data Lake project.

Harmonised Data Access to DestinE Data Portfolio

Destination Earth Data Lake allows users to discover, search and access data from multiple sources.

  • Digital Twin outputs - See Introduction
    • DT on Climate Change Adaptation

    • DT on Weather-induced and Geophysical Extremes

  • Federated Data Providers - See DestinE Data Portfolio

  • Fresh Data Pools (Rolling buffer of commonly used datasets)

HDA (Harmonised Data Access)

The HDA service relies on the use of the STAC standard.

STAC is an open specification designed to improve the discovery, accessibility, and interoperability of geospatial data.

Datasets are presented as STAC collections, along with the list of associated providers.

  • Discovery of services and datasets with related metadata information

  • Search within datasets

  • Access data


EODAG – Earth Observation Data Access Gateway

EODAG (Earth Observation Data Access Gateway) is a command line tool and a Python package for searching and downloading remotely sensed images while offering a unified API for data access regardless of the data provider. EODAG already supports several data providers, DEDL is going to be added as one of the providers supported by EODAG. EODAG will help the scientific community and integrators to access and download Digital Twin data and federated data.