Hook Service

Overview - Provided Hooks

The Destination Earth Data Lake (DEDL) ‘Hook service’ provides ready-to-use high level serverless workflows and functions preconfigured to efficiently access and manipulate Destination Earth Data Lake (DEDL) data. A growing number of workflows and functions will provide on-demand capabilities for the diverse data analysis needs.

Overview - Custom Hooks

Users of Destination Earth Data Lake (DEDL) can also create their own ‘Custom Hooks’, for more details click on the ‘Custom Hooks’ link below.


The Hook Service is based on Argo Workflows which itself runs on top of kubernetes. ‘Provided’ and ‘Custom’ Hooks run as containers and are triggered through a dedicated API provided by Destination Earth Data Lake.

The collection of Jupyter Notebooks examples on how to use the DestinE Data Lake services can be found at Destination Earth on Github.